Diva Meeting Table


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Lead Time: 4-6 weeks
Warranty: 10 years

  • 25mm thick melamine table top with matching ABS edging (Two-tone option available)
  • Made with E0 environmental friendly board
  • Wide range of table top colours: Boards – Group 1 (Other colours available upon request)
  • American Ash Leg with Blanc powdercoated heel and framework
  • Smart ‘powered legs’
  • Optional legs/undercarriage finish available on request
  • Other sizes/configurations available on request
  • 10 Year warranty

The following sizes are common size.
Other sizes/configurations available on request

Round top

  • DVT1250: Ø1250 x 740H
  • DVT1800: Ø1800 x 740H

Square top

  • DVT1212: 1200W x 1200D x 740H
  • DVT1414: 1400W x 1400D x 740H
  • DVT1616: 1600W x 1600D x 740H
  • DVT1818: 1800W x 1800D x 740H

Boardroom Table (Rectangular – 1200D)

  • DVT1812: 1800W x 1200D x 740H
  • DVT2412: 2400W x 1200D x 740H
  • DVT3012: 3000W x 1200D x 740H
  • DVT3612: 3600W x 1200D x 740H
  • DVT4012: 4000W x 1200D x 740H
  • DVT4212: 4200W x 1200D x 740H
  • DVT4812: 4800W x 1200D x 740H
  • DVT5412: 5400W x 1200D x 740H

Boardroom Table (Rectangular – 1400D)

  • DVT2414: 2400W x 1400D x 740H
  • DVT3014: 3000W x 1400D x 740H
  • DVT3614: 3600W x 1400D x 740H
  • DVT4014: 4000W x 1400D x 740H
  • DVT4214: 4200W x 1400D x 740H
  • DVT4814: 4800W x 1400D x 740H
  • DVT5414: 5400W x 1400D x 740H
  • DVT6014: 6000W x 1400D x 740H
  • DVT6614: 6600W x 1400D x 740H
  • DVT7214: 7200W x 1400D x 740H
  • DVT7614: 7600W x 1400D x 740H

Boardroom Table (Rectangular – 1600D)

  • DVT3216: 3200W x 1600D x 740H
  • DVT4216: 4200W x 1600D x 740H
  • DVT4816: 4800W x 1600D x 740H
  • DVT5416: 5400W x 1600D x 740H
  • DVT6016: 6000W x 1600D x 740H
  • DVT6616: 6600W x 1600D x 740H
  • DVT7216: 7200W x 1600D x 740H
  • DVT7616: 7600W x 1600D x 740H

Boardroom Table (Rectangular – 1800D)

  • DVT3618: 3600W x 1800D x 740H
  • DVT4218: 4200W x 1800D x 740H
  • DVT4818: 4800W x 1800D x 740H
  • DVT5418: 5400W x 1800D x 740H
  • DVT6018: 6000W x 1800D x 740H
  • DVT6618: 6600W x 1800D x 740H
  • DVT7218: 7200W x 1800D x 740H
  • DVT7618: 7600W x 1800D x 740H
  • Solid timber table top
  • Custom table top shape / size
  • Custom edge / corner finish
  • Custom powder coated finish
  • Custom table height